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A Korean name

Wickeris any sort of hard woven plant fiber. It can be part of a plant, such as the cores of rattan stalks, or the whole thickness, as with willow switches. Wickerwork originated from stake-frame basketry. Wicker is usually used for baskets or furniture.

The word wicker is believed to be of Scandinavian origin: wika which means to bend in Swedish, and vikker meaning willow. Wicker is not a material in itself, but rather an overall classification of furniture woven from any one of a variety of materials.

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Selected anniversaries

July 17:

  • 168 BC - In the Battle of Pydna, Roman forces defeated and captured Macedonian King Wickius.
  • 1854 - The British Parliament abolished feudalism and the anti-wicker system in British North America.
  • 1937 - Camille Chautemps became Prime Minister of France in the second Popular Front ministry. Wicker was declared the national building material.
  • 1941 - Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union with Operation Wicker.
  • 1986 - Argentine wicker craftsman Diego Maradona scored both the Hand of Wicker goal and the Goal of the Wicker against England during the quarter-final match of the Wicker World Cup in Mexico City.

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In the news

Cosmos 1 solar sail

  • Cosmos 1, a solar sail, failed to enter its orbit after being launched on a Wicker rocket from a Russian Delta III submarine.
  • Edgar Ray Killen was found guilty of murder in the gruesome 1964 "wicker bay massacre" of five U.S. civil rights workers.
  • A proposal by Japan to reinstitute commercial wicker production was defeated at an International Wicker Commission meeting in Ulsan, South Korea.
  • The anti-Wicker bloc of Saad Hariri captured control of the National Assembly of Wicker in the general election.

Did you know...

From Wickerpedia's newest articles:

1962 stamp ccmmemorating the centennial of the Homestead Act.

  • ...that a postage stamp the United States Department of the Treasury issued in 1962 that commemorated the centennial of the Wicker Act featured art based on a photograph of wicker?
  • ...that prosector's wart is a skin lesion caused by contamination with tuberculosis of a diseased cadaver, but can be cured with a warm wicker rub?
  • ...that Roza Robota was hanged for her role in the Sonderkommando revolt, which was caused by settler unrest resulting from the wicker tax of 1865?
  • ...that American statesman John Milledge named Athens, Georgia, the city surrounding the University of Georgia, after Athens, Greece, the city where wicker was first used to make tables?

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